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Green Map


SDG 13: Climate Action

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GLC Members

Clemens Schwöbel
Fergus Linley-Mota
Fidèle Sindayihebura
Joyce Yuan
Paul Walsh
Pauliina Meskanen

Green Map is a web extension that drives climate-friendly choices at the individual level, by showing you a map of sustainable consumption options in your area.

Green Map

Consumer polling shows that many people are interested in adjusting their consumption behaviours in order to lower their environmental impact. However, many consumers are unaware of how best to make these changes, and what options are available. Worse still, a large amount of apps, platforms and websites already exist to drive individual sustainability, but these tools are disbursed and have low user numbers, making them less effective and confusing consumers.

This is where Green Map comes in. In an environment of too many options and too few users, Green Map will help consumers make climate-friendly choices in an efficient, accessible and intuitive way.

Green Map is an easy-to-install extension, which can be added to one’s browser and apply to apps such as Google Maps. When added, Green Map will allow Google Maps’ 1.5 billion monthly users to simply click on a button and overlay a map of sustainable consumption options, revealing greener choices.

At first, a given business's status as 'sustainable' will be determined using existing sustainability rating systems, like B-Corp. Green Map will also highlight farmer's markets and second-hand stores, which in their nature contribute to a green economy and locally-sourced consumption.

Green Map will have strong sustainability impacts, both at the level of the user and the business. In highlighting sustainable consumption options and helping millions of users to prioritize climate-friendly behaviours, Green Map directly meets the challenge of UN SDG 13 (Climate Action). It also provides exposure for green businesses, increasing the visibility of sustainable consumption and contributing to a greener economy.

In an environment of too many options and too little app engagement, Green Map provides a feasible and accessible way for consumers to make climate-friendly choices, within an app that they already use.

It's time to map out a green future together.

Green Map
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