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to be a part of GLC

GLC Members

The Global Leadership Challenge 2023 will convene 100 young leaders selected through an open application process. Applicants will be evaluated on their commitment to responsible leadership and passion for engaging with complex global challenges. We are looking for a diverse group of postgraduate students and young professionals who are ready to rise to the challenges of our time and develop themselves as the responsible leaders our world desperately needs now.

GLC Members can participate virtually from around the world and all sessions of GLC 2023 will be fully-virtual.

What's in it for you?

  • Become part of a diverse global community of young, responsible leaders 

  • Engage with world-renowned academics and senior business and policy leaders

  • Develop SDG action projects that address some of the most pressing global challenges using design thinking principles

  • Learn to lead in a way that not only advances personal ambition but actively seeks the wider good of society

  • Earn an official Certificate of Achievement

  • Receive bespoke leadership training and mentorship offered by the Oxford Character Project

  • Possibility to receive Entrepreneurship Coaching with EWOR Academy to build your venture

  • Win an invitation to attend the 53rd St Gallen Symposium in May 2024 as Leaders of Tomorrow, if your team is one of the top performing teams.

Earn a
Certificate of Achievement

All active participants will receive an official Certificate of Achievement from the University of Oxford and the St. Gallen Symposium.

Attend the
53rd St. Gallen Symposium

The winning team will be offered to join the 53rd St. Gallen Symposium in May 2024 as Leaders of Tomorrow and engage in cross-generational dialogue with senior leaders.

As Leaders of Tomorrow, their expenses for travel and accommodation will be fully covered. After the conference, they will join a global network of emerging thinkers and changemakers.

Receive exclusive mentorship after GLC

After successful participation, GLC Members can apply for further mentoring in two tracks: “entrepreneurship” (with EWOR Education) to learn skills and competencies towards building their own ventures, and “leadership development” (with the Oxford Character Project at the University of Oxford) to reflect on their own purpose and grow as a future leader.

Eligibility criteria

  • You are a student (currently enrolled in a Masters or a PhD programme) or a young professional (aged between 21-30 years).

  • You have finished your undergraduate studies.

  • You have already demonstrated your commitment to responsible leadership through extra-curricular activities and/or work experience.

  • You are committed to investing around five half-days from 7-11 December 2023 in GLC.

  • Active participation in GLC sessions is mandatory to receive a Certificate of Achievement.

We welcome applications from around the world and from all academic disciplines.


Application launches on

28 September 2023


1 November 2023

Announcement of the GLC 2023 Members

Results will be announced on the week of 20th November

Apply now

Jacqueline Dyna, GLC Member 2022


„The GLC is all about empathy, cross-cultural

communication and leadership. My gratitude to

Oxford University and the St. Gallen Symposium for providing the platform to hone these indispensable skills."


Michael Semmer, GLC Member 2022


"Our team, spread across four different time

zones aiming to find solutions for sustainable well-being and

health. Discussions with inspiring figures like Arunma Oteh

broadened my views on career paths and the importance of perseverance.

St.Gallen Symposium 630.jpg
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