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Empower Women to Education and Jobs


SDG 5: Gender Equality

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GLC Members

Nayantara Srinivasan, Parneet Kaur, Leon Bader, Patience Kiden Naamanya, Sodaba Bayani, Gwendolin Asiimwe

The key objective of our project is to address the lack of access to gender-responsive, quality education and job opportunities that match a woman's skill set, especially for women in war zones and women with disabilities, by providing an example of an easy to use, multilingual free app that would provide the knowledge resources, mentors and skill-based training and to bridge the gap between knowledge and skills, they will then be matched with jobs creating a sustainable and value-based impact o

Empower Women to Education and Jobs

We propose to address three critical areas within the scope of factors leading to gender inequality via our easy-to-use, multilingual, free app solution-1st - the gender based data gap that has led to the promulgation of gender-biased education resources, 2nd-the accessibility and affordability gap of education by women in war-torn areas, and people with disabilities and 3rd- the gap between skill-set existing amongst these invisible groups within women and job opportunities made available to them.
We envision women as “Right Holders” hence it becomes critical to address and rectify the existing gender data gaps in the curriculum as these perpetuate gender stereotypes amongst women. Second, our vision extends to the recognition of gender-specific skillsets and training that may be required for invisible groups within women (for example women in war-torn areas and women with disabilities) to secure a job of their dreams.
The platform we envision provides training and quality educational resources specifically catering to the needs and interests of each rightholder, with the help of AI-based solutions, formulating a holistic approach of fun-filled games-based training and creating an educational virtual reality that may especially be helpful for women with disabilities (less mobility).
We will also feature invisible women in history who have contributed magnanimously to STEM, politics, literature etc. from all walks of life on our platform as role models to create positive attitudinal changes.
We will be partnering with Coursera, LinkedIn learning and Khan Academy in a bid to provide free access to education We have come up with a subscription-model for our male supporters, the revenue generated thereof will be used to fund operations and support the women in accessing education opportunities in vulnerable situations. Empowering future women leaders with self-confidence, resilience, empathy, and purpose would be the larger impact of our proposal.

Empower Women to Education and Jobs
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