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Climate Xchange


SDG 13: Climate Action

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GLC Members

Genia Hill
Yuhan Wang
Ines Morales Wyden
Injy Johnstone
Pablo Mira Hurtado
Malcolm Isaac Fernandez

This project aims to provide a place to amplify the impact of climate actions by enabling the match between climate adaptors and climate mitigators in different nations. A peer-to-peer collaboration model has been used to foster continuous learning and responsibility sharing, cultivating inter-generational contracts that could steer this world toward net zero. People from diverse backgrounds can also make their voices heard, forming a growing network of climate visionaries.

Climate Xchange

Challenge - Currently, a significant number of people worldwide are working on climate actions. However, in the majority of the population, there is widespread climate despair, and the difference between climate mitigation and climate adaptation thoughts is hurdling the progress of effective transformation to net zero. The existence of borders between communities and nations are preventing effective synergies on climate initiatives of different scale. Effective social dialogue has proved very challenging in many places and industries where a majority of revenue is coming from the old practice of unsustainable extractions. The potential of people's action power remains hidden.

Action - We propose to create a peer-to-peer platform that addresses these issues called Climate Xchange. People from different parts of the world could have equal access to this place. A climate mitigator and climate adaptor are being matched on the basis of different backgrounds. They meet regularly online for a period depending on the scale of problems that they are currently facing. Additional information on empowering climate action and question sets are being used to guide the process of knowledge exchange, responsibility sharing, and collective action on common interests. Once the matching period ends, generation from the peer is shared globally.

Impact - This platform will build the feeling of climate action that is currently lacking among the general public. In the short term, there will be a large number of pairs being formed on the Climate Xchange platform, and their collaboration process could generate many invaluable insights on climate action, which could, in turn, significantly enlarge the synergy among climate action projects of adaptation and mitigation in different parts of the world under different contexts. In the long term, a global network of Climate Xchanger is being created, and their experiences are being shared, scaling the climate actions.

Climate Xchange
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