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Building Green Market through Sustainable Procurement


SDG 13: Climate Action

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GLC Members

Joanna Yi Su
Carlo Angeles
Eli Joao Mambu
Nora Torres
William Wallock

Our group uses the immense purchasing power of sustainable procurement to build circularities into the economy. By transforming the market for more sustainable products and services, our approach engages individual consumers, the private sector, and the public sector to collectively address the triple planetary crisis.

Building Green Market through Sustainable Procurement

Public and private sector procurement accounts for 20-30% of global GDP each year. The tremendous purchasing power is capable of shifting demand towards new products and services with a lighter carbon footprint. Our group plan consult with organization to implement SP framework, create prioritized product list, implement procurement e-platform, and conduct trainings to help organizations improve their SP practices. In the long term, we aim to make SP mandatory for all procuring entities. Market power will become the invisible hand to shift the production of products and services to be more sustainable. Price of sustainable products will drop as more options become available on the market.

Building Green Market through Sustainable Procurement
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