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Her voice for her choice

St. Gallen

Gender Equality

The deep-rooted patriarchy in the society has prevented women from living a dignified life. Mentorship can help women and girls in developing countries to break the shackles of societal stereotypes and inspire them to live a life of their choice. In this regard podcasts in vernacular languages from distinguished female personalities of the same society can have far reaching impact in women emancipation by providing unorthodox and inspiring viewpoints.

Challenge: Girls and women in many developing countries still face discrimination and limitations on the grounds of their social context. They have to manage multiple expectations in their family, work and societal environments, which hinders them from unfolding their full potential. As a result, local communities also fail to benefit from female talent.
Actions: As a solution, we aim at providing a series of local podcasts with inspirational ideas, knowledge and mentorship in developing countries via female role models from the respective communities. The podcasts will provide advice and support on managing conflicting identities and societal expectations, as well as decision-making processes in areas such as education and career. The podcasters may draw on their own experiences, achieved successes or mistakes made, or invite inspiring people of their communities for guest interviews.
Impact: The short-term impact is that girls and women are encouraged to speak out about issues they face and to be more independent in their decision making. As a long-term impact, the project seeks to contribute to structural changes in developing countries.

Project  GLC Members 2020




Founder | CEO

Power to Girls Foundation | DriveHER Inc.




Climathon Project Manager

Impact Hub Zurich

Daniela Kristin

Daniela Kristin



University of St. Gallen (HSG)




Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems

The University of Tokyo



Reig Escalé

Entrepreneur and Pioneer Fellow of ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich

Wen Li

Wen Li


Research Associate

National University of Singapore

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