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A global initiative of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund,

the University of Oxford, and

the St. Gallen Symposium

1–4 December 2020,

in Hong Kong, Oxford and St. Gallen






Young Leaders


Senior Advisors



The participants of the Global Leadership Challenge are keen to take responsibility for the future and build it together with a community of like-minded people from different disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds. In the spirit of cross-generational collaboration, GLC Members engage with Senior Advisors from business, policy, and academia to learn from each other and think from a truly global perspective.



The Global Leadership Challenge brings together a diverse community of young leaders, united in their aspiration to have a positive impact on the world. At a time when global challenges are all too evident, and collaboration is essential to help us move forward, GLC seeks to develop responsible leaders and help them to bridge siloes that divide humanity. 

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The GLC Projects

GLC provides a unique platform where participants learn to address pressing economic, social and environmental challenges, while preparing themselves to respond to the leadership crisis that the world is facing now.

Throughout the 4 days of GLC 2020, participants have worked on five challenge areas:

environmental sustainability, gender equality, global mobility and migration, inclusive education, and resilient economies and businesses.


By integrating responsible leadership and design thinking, GLC groups have come up with innovative project ideas of how to address some of our most pressing challenges. Some groups will be taking these projects to a next level in the follow-up to GLC 2020.

Become a

Challenge Sponsor

As a Challenge Sponsor, you have the opportunity to support and accompany one of the five challenges. Join us to share your leadership experience, support fresh thinking and action on some of the world’s most urgent challenges and engage in dialogue with the next generation of wise thinkers and good leaders.

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