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SDG 4: Quality Education

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GLC Members

Saje Miguel Molato, Dominik Demetz, Helena Kandjumbwa, Nkosinomusa Theodorah Tshili, Tommy Lee, and Giulia Mantegazza

Octavia is a venture that provides targeted educational curriculum development for governments integrating 4.0 skills into the national curriculum.


With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, the primary challenge is that an alarming majority of countries around the world have yet to adapt their educational curriculums to meet the demands of the future.

The lack of Industry 4.0 integration into the educational curriculum of nations around the world creates a significant gap in the labor market and its readiness to meet the demands of the future.

This issue greatly affects countries in both the developed and developing ends of the spectrum, thus, there is a clear need for proactive steps to be taken for the young workforce to be ready for the needs of the future.

The venture is implemented in 3 phases per partner country:

Phase 1 National Assessment (1 year)
We identify gaps in the national curriculum

Phase 2 Proof of Concept Stage (2-5 years)
Based on these gaps, we develop interventions for schools at the local level as part of the pilot stage. We work with local schools first in order to build a solid case for scaling up to the regional-national level.

Phase 3 National Integration (5-10 years)
Once we have a solid case utilizing our impact data, the dialogue can begin on integration on the national level.

The primary goal of the program is to equip students and recalibrate existing national frameworks to adapt to the needs of the future - by working directly with the government, Octavia aims to build lasting systems that will create systemic change in the countries where we will operate in.

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