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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries


SDG 4: Quality Education

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GLC Members

Dayron Y.M. Contreras,
Florian Schabus,
Ilgiz Mashrapov

We want to offer impact-driven social entrepreneurs a platform to develop their ideas and build high impact ventures. Our fellowship is empowering young and bright female entrepreneurs in developing countries and provides them with support, encouragement and financial means to start their business. Through that we will make entrepreneurship more accessible and encourage young leaders to take on the big challenges of their societies and turn them into even bigger opportunities.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

Our sustainable future depends on local action and lasting and meaningful impact. This is particularly true for developing countries. To make sure, we achieve sustainable progress there, we need to adopt a new mindset based on new principles of:
- Enabling locally 

- Fostering high-impact entrepreneurship 

- Building on social enterprise principles 

- Collaborating on eye-level

We therefore see entrepreneurship as the best way of achieving equitable and sustainable development. However, women in particular, still face many problems when wanting to start their business. We want to focus on education to remove the structural barriers that still keep many highly talented women from starting their business. These problems can be summarised under 3 main bullets:
- Limited Access to Financing Options
- Persistent Knowledge Gaps
- Lack of encouragement
To support and empower promising, young female entrepreneurs working on innovative, scalable solutions for societal or ecological problems, we are designing a fellowship program which addresses those three topics by focusing on hands-on capacity-building, mindset building and financial support. The program will focus on practical skills and personal mentoring to support the founders through their journey and a monthly stipend will allow to try out entrepreneurship worry free and pursue their dreams and visions in a safe space.

This empowers them to create lasting impact and contribute to inclusive and meaningful growth. We believe many challenges in the development context can be solved through making entrepreneurship more accessible and fostering innovation which will countries to leapfrog development. We do this by unleashing the power of technology and focusing on scalable, high-growth initiatives and help them to scale up and run their business successfully. This will enable us to establish financial equality and trigger societal change by creating a ripple effect that magnifies our impact beyond what we could have achieved alone.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries
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