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Dialogues for the Future


SDG 13: Climate Action

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GLC Members

Ann Rummler, Mathias Charles, Martina Bortolan, Wenyuan Feng, Jonas Schuetz, Lucy Tong

Dialogues for the Future aims to provide an opportunity for inter-generational dialogue on climate change between the decision makers of today and the younger generation, facilitating effective communication that fosters effective knowledge inherit from one generation to the next. This will be facilitated through workshops on communication, databases on existing knowledge, and facilitated dialogue sessions between generations.

Dialogues for the Future

As of 2018, Generation X occupies 51% of the decision-making roles globally, and constitutes 75% of the EU's MPs. Across the EU, older generations have higher attribution to skepticism and lesser perception of the consequences of climate change compared to younger generations (Poortinga et al., 2019). Climate change is an issue with inter-generational impact, thus, decision made today will have a longer term impact on the future. As a result, it is imperative for decision-makers to understand the importance of their climate decisions, and for younger generation feel that adequate measures are taken so that it does not lead to extreme actions.

This is why, during the Global Leadership Challenge, we have introduced Dialogues for Future, facilitating inter-generational dialogue on climate change. Where dialogues on climate change through: 
1. Workshops for communication trainings 
- Com. training on NVC, Socratic dialogue, other 
- Science based inputs on climate change facts
- Community building
2. Database of resources including how-to videos and blueprints for comm. and political engagement
3. Facilitated Dialogue Sessions between certified climate change debaters and decision makers

This would in turn benefit generations through:
1. Short-term: 
- Participants of Gen Z/ Y: Acquire climate knowledge, build communication skills, address perception gap among generations
- Participants Gen X/ Boomers: Awareness of climate change influence on them (economic, health, etc.)
2. Long-term:
- Foster intergenerational understanding and build a sense of responsibility; unify people of different generations to achieve a common goal; together act/ convince decision makers to fight climate change. 
- Establish a community of climate-enthusiasts, affiliates and stakeholders around the world for future initiatives, enriched with know-how through the climate database.

We are looking to bridging inter-generational differences by breaking up generational echo chambers and foster engagement through productive, respectful dialogue, promote empathy across generations, and address vulnerability e.g. fear of change/ future; we are also looking to empowering individuals to drive change by showing them a path of action and give voice to engaged youth, and share feeling of purpose and belonging, encourage to tackle ‘wicked problems’ and acting instead of feeling hopeless.

Dialogues for the Future
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