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‘For Life’: Empowering Girls for a Bright Future


SDG 5: Gender Equality

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GLC Members

Leena Joshi
Zahra Ardalan
Jolaoluwa Aina
Farhad Shamo Roto
Shagun Rai

Addressing deep rooted cultural stereotypes internalised in women. Our vision as leaders is to empower women and
girls through education and information.
• We are breaking the transmission of gender
norms from one generation to another.
Based on our theory of change (TOC), we would
collaborate with relevant stakeholders (Private and Public
Sector) as part of corporate social responsibility.
• The project is sustainable because as one girl is
empowered, she can empower others also.

‘For Life’: Empowering Girls for a Bright Future

• Gender stereotypes that are internalised in the
minds of girls which prevent them from being
independent decision makers to the extent that
they surrender to their futures being determined
for them. We are specifically targeting
stereotypes that cannot be tackled through
receiving school education.
• Internalised empowerment of women ensures a
life-long of correct choices.
Creating a reference of life skills in the form of
an App called “For Life” for women aged 11-18.
Two categories of life skills will be central to our
project: Empower girls to 1) deal with difficult
situations 2) identify & utilize opportunities
● Magazine format in areas with limited access
to technology.
● A list of emergency contact list for each
● Mentor/mentee pairing

● Short term outcome: The App will be
available for free in one developed
country and the magazine distributed
monthly in one developing country.
● Long term Outcome: Reach at least 5
more countries by 2030.

‘For Life’: Empowering Girls for a Bright Future
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