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RISE: Responsible Indigenous Support & Empowerment


SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

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GLC Members

Adhieu Majok, Felix Mao, Joana Neiva, Luc Waidner, Minenhle Nzana, Seira Duncan

The Arctic is home to 4 million residents, 1 in 10 of whom is Indigenous. RISE targets the acute mental health challenges of Indigenous Arctic communities, emphasizing culturally-informed care. Through collaborative needs assessment, it develops an online platform for resource centralization and profession collaboration, supplemented by in-person training workshops. This approach aims to empower Indigenous rights in healthcare, strengthen mental health services, and promote inclusivity.

RISE: Responsible Indigenous Support & Empowerment

The RISE project addresses the critical mental health challenges faced by Indigenous Arctic communities, driven by the understanding that mental health is a pivotal aspect of overall well-being, particularly in regions with extreme environmental and social stressors. Indigenous populations in the Arctic face unique mental health challenges, exacerbated by factors like isolation, climate change, and cultural erosion, making access to culturally sensitive mental health services essential.
Our initiative focuses on creating a comprehensive online platform that centralizes mental health resources and facilitates collaboration among healthcare professionals. This digital resource aims to bridge the gap in mental health services, ensuring that care is both accessible and culturally informed. To complement the online platform, RISE also envisions conducting in-person training workshops for local healthcare providers. These workshops are designed to enhance the skills of local practitioners, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to offer effective, culturally appropriate care.
The impact of RISE is twofold: firstly, it seeks to empower Indigenous communities by advocating for their rights to accessible and culturally relevant healthcare. Secondly, it aims to strengthen the mental health service framework within these communities, enhancing the quality and reach of mental health care. By focusing on culturally-informed care and community-driven solutions, RISE aspires to create a more inclusive and equal healthcare environment. This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for improved mental health services but also contributes to the long-term resilience and sustainability of Indigenous Arctic communities.

RISE: Responsible Indigenous Support & Empowerment
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