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GreenEconomix: Minimizing Barriers, Maximizing Impact


SDG 13: Climate Action

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GLC Members

- Nelly Cetera
- Zino Haro
- José Ignacio Martínez Echenique
- Olufemi Olamijulo
- Sarah Rozon

GreenEconomix: Minimizing Barriers, Maximizing Impact is reducing financial barriers to the energy transition in Africa and Asia by aggregating country-level data to catalyze global investment action.

Essentially, data brokers for good.

GreenEconomix: Minimizing Barriers, Maximizing Impact

There is a marked shortage of clean energy investments in developing countries. Energy demand continues to accelerate, especially in Africa and Asia, due to income and population growth. Data availability is a key barrier to clean energy investment in these regions.
We develop an online platform that aggregates country-level data (starting with Africa and Asia) on technical feasibility, the policy and regulatory environment, economic viability, and research, thereby engaging stakeholders to catalyze investment action.

Short-term impact involves de-risking clean energy investments by providing investors with crucial data to make informed decisions. Long-term impact consists of securing wide-scale, sustainable financing for clean energy infrastructure projects (including traditional start-up investment avenues and international private equity options).
Ultimately, we accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy while achieving shared prosperity.

This project challenges an unequal status quo, which sustains power imbalances between developing and developed
countries. The project commits to a just and equal energy transition that leaves no society behind.

GreenEconomix: Minimizing Barriers, Maximizing Impact
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