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SDG 4: Quality Education

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GLC Members

Cynthia Nafula Nyongesa
Simon Sällström
Ananya Singh
Kaspar Koechli
Nune Gevorgyan
Fatou Hydra
Nicolas Kamanzi

An open-source platform and framework for self-correcting educational systems

Ed Canopus

Education systems are constantly lagging behind in terms of preparing today's youth for the future. Requirements change faster than ever before but the educational systems lag behind in addressing these rapidly changing needs.

New skills emerge rapidly, but current systems fail to appropriately create the incentive and communication channels such that the flow from industry needs can rapidly manifest in actual changes to what students learn in school.

We propose a two-part solution that addresses these concerns both from a technological point of view and also from a system incentive point of view. The symbiosis of these two elements is what constitutes the encompassing solution which is not only technologically sound but also recognises the incentive structure of all relevant stakeholders.

Open Source Data Platform
(1) Student Skills (2) Market Need (3) Adaptation Rate
→ objective data to inform trade-offs

Incentive structure: why will stakeholders report & act?
- Employer: professional org req, taxes, benchmarks
- Schools: automate, allow+reward experimentation
- Education boards: international benchmarking
- Governments: employment outcomes reporting

- Short-term. Partnership with teachers association & ministry of education in a specific country looking to change curriculum → a modern and adaptable curriculum
- Medium. Education Roundtables, Benchmarking
- Long. Countries all around the world continuously and cheaply adapt to changing demands

Ed Canopus
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