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Host Country Language e-Learning for Refugee Children

Hong Kong

Global Mobility and Migration

To create a highly accessible digital language learning platform (or tool pack via existing apps) for the refugee children, hence the refugee children in refugee camps and the spontaneous ones who do not have a definite route would be benefited and integrate better into their host country as a result.

With the growing number of forced migration, the refugee has a difficulty to integrate into the host country.

Refugee children take up 40% of the world's displaced people. The U.N. refugee agency counted more than 153,000 refugee children who were unaccompanied or separated from parents or adult caregivers in 2019. The number of displaced children living on their own is estimated to be much higher because not all governments keep track of them.

In 2019, more than one-third of all refugees came from three countries: Syria (Arabic), Venezuela (Spanish), Afghanistan (Pashto and Persian, both Indo-European languages). While their original language may not apply to the transition or destination countries, it has been a hurdle of the integration.

Learning the language of the host country is not only important for refugees themselves (as it helps them integrate into a new way of living and mitigates trauma and loss) but also building a more empathetic, understanding and cohesive society.

Our project is to create a free digital learning platform for the refugee children, to cater both the ones in refugee camps and the spontaneous ones.

<What do the refugee children need to do? - #1 Onboarding>
- Just network and Whatsapp (In 2016, 40% of the refugee has a smartphone and the number is increasing)
- The refugee children do not need to go through any assessment or reveal their identity before assessing the vast amount of resources

<What do the refugee children need to do? - #2 Simply access to the digital content via Website or subscription of Whatsapp business account >
- The language learning materials will be available in different difficulty for the refugee children to pick the level that suits them the most
- Difference between website and Whatsapp: The website has all the materials available with media-rich content, while Whatsapp will be low-data-required digital word card or GIFs
- Possible to partner with local universities to be a tutor in the Whatsapp channel and answer questions raised by the refugee children

<Partnership >
- Partner with language learning giants or creative agency to produce the content in the form of images, gifs, small files, short videos with an educational purpose
- Partner with local universities to be a tutor in the Whatsapp channel and answer questions raised by the refugee

- Ask experts that have direct contact with refugees to inform them of the service
- Raise awareness about this free language learning system to the refugee children through refugee camps
- Through word of mouth, the refugee children can share the website or WhatsApp account to their peers

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Master in Global Management

University of Hong Kong

Sin Hin

Sin Hin


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong




Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

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